RxC Research and Experimentation (0L Fund)

RadicalxChange Foundation, a 501©3 nonprofit, seeks to build a coherent and sustainable new political economy.

We are establishing a Research and Experimentation fund advancing new incentive structures. By encouraging investment in public goods, optimizing the use of club goods, and reexamining old assumptions about property and democracy – as well as by building bridges between academic rigor and public imagination – we seek to lay foundations for new institutions that allow everyone to participate in the value they co-create.

We believe that blockchain systems such as 0L have a vital role to play in instantiating fairer and more decentralized economic systems. Our work with the 0L community will complement our work with governments, academics, and private teams committed to building better systems for group decisions, public engagement, and economic participation. Examples of such work include our implementations of quadratic voting with governments in Colorado and Brazil, and our work with socially-minded real estate developers on partial common ownership licenses.

0L donations to RadicalxChange’s Research and Experimentation fund are accepted at this address: C19C06A592911ED31C4100E9FB63AD7B.

No more than 15% of donations will go to administration and overhead, and at least 85% will support experiments, studies, and implementations of novel institutional designs.