Human Rewards Program


This is a donation to a program to allow anyone that can verify they are human to receive some coins for some human work. This will likely be implemented as a Proof of Human with Captcha through a provider, or by leveraging proof of service (on Github or Twitter).


Additionally 10% of these funds will be earmarked for exceptional contributors to blockchain technology and social innovation. Not for the big names, but people who gave more than they received from crypto. Donors will be able to suggest github or twitter account handles.


This account is operated via smart contract. And all outbound transactions will be initiated by an Oracle, yet to be implemented. Additionally this address has a community wallet tag, which means that we allow validators to review the txs, and block anything which appears to be incompatible with the goals above.


Donations can be sent here: F605FE7F787551EEA808EE9ACDB98897