Carpe Beta Launched

10 Feb 2022 — With the launch of the beta version of the Carpe Desktop App, the 0L Network has taken the next step towards making it possible for anyone to run a miner and earn crypto rewards.

Carpe is a desktop wallet and miner that runs on the new 0L Network blockchain. The app is lightweight and designed to help you establish your digital identity in the 0L Network, while paying you coins to do so. Carpe is a standalone desktop application that will run on any contemporary Windows or Mac machine. The app is gentle on your resources, meaning that you can continue to use your computer normally while the app runs in the background.…

Future-Proofing the Economics of Blockchains (Pt. 3)

Incentives are hard. There are many different stakeholders in a healthy economy and the needs of those stakeholders can be a moving target. Advanced mechanisms are employed to address the trade-off between clear rules and adaptive capacity. Polycentric programs with community wallets provide a means of voluntarily contributing to capex, while thermostatic security dynamically rebalances validator rewards based on validator count in order to manage opex.

Future-Proofing the Economics of Blockchains (Pts 1 & 2)

A transformation in society is taking place and layer-1 computational blockchains are the substrate. While the economic fortunes of layer-1 computational blockchains may wax and wane, the goal of the collective behind them should be to transition their economic stake from the infrastructure la

Libra Liberated

There once was a community that wanted a blockchain. Its members wanted to be a part of the coming transformation of society. This is the story of how they got their chain, and why you might want to join them. Decentralized architecture, coupled with the power of smart contracts, is a once-in-a-century opportunity for society: It is far more than programmable money, it is a canvas for valuable human interactions.

The Rulebook at Genesis

As you can see in our write ups mentioned above, we do things a little differently around here: We had no venture investors, there is no premine, no foundation with tokens, and anyone with a laptop can participate and earn coins. Here's a quick reference to the policies implemented at genesis: