The open blockchain with a decentralized community

Welcome to 0L, a new Layer 1 blockchain protocol. 0L is open, permissionless, and community governed. 0L combines state of the art blockchain technology with truly decentralized governance.

This is a community-driven project with a meaningful commitment to social impact and democratic decision-making. If you are looking for a blockchain that does things differently, with priorities that reflect your values, join 0L and help us realize the transformative power of decentralized architecture. 

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Help build the 0L community by contributing your time and skills.

A new opportunity in Web3

Join the Move ecosystem, in a community open to all entrepreneurs and developers

The 0L network is an open source fork of Diem and uses the Move programming language.

This is a language that is designed to be extremely safe in adversarial environments, and accessible to even less experienced developers. In terms of safety, which is a core concern in Web3 applications, it has built-in formal verification.

Learn more about the technology here.

Decide the future of the protocol and build it collectively

We focus on collective contributions and building things together.

That means you can join our Discord, find a group designing the future, and work together to create a network for all of us.

The opportunity is ahead. Learn more about how to contribute here.

Learn about the network launch and philosophy from 0tt0